The Origin of Cars and Roses

Cars and Roses, the beginning

Here we go, I finally launch the blog dedicated to Cars and Roses. The basic idea of ​​the blog is obviously to talk about the automobile, not about general topics, more about the history of certain models. I suppose if you continue reading his lines you are surely a bit curious reader … If this page is the first you visit on Cars and Roses and then you venture on the web to discover our photographs, You will find that most of our photographs are rather classic models, ancestors …

The idea of ​​the blog is therefore to take back the cars photographed by Cars and Roses and to spread a bit of history regarding the model.

Cars and Roses - The Origin

Let’s go…

So here is one of the first photos taken by the team of Cars and Roses. You can imagine, when you read the name of the mark and translate it gives “cars and roses”. And yes, it was the basic idea, photographing a car, or a car element with a pink in the pile. The idea seemed awesome at first, but after doing some photographs we realized that it was very, mmhhhh, “kitch” …

It was a Saturday of November, My friend Ivan and I had the idea to make pictures of cars. Basically, we wanted to print the pictures ourselves in a traditional A4 format and then frame them. Our first destination for this first “shooting” photo was the circuit of Spa Francorchamps. The old woman, I went to the florist to buy a beautiful bouquet of red rose. So we are on our way to Spa … We took the Boxster to get there. The picture you saw right above is the boxster rim with a rose on the floor. We said to ourselves: “If there is nothing to shoot on the circuit we will make some pictures with the boxster”

Fortunately, there were some nice cars on the circuit, enough to make beautiful car paintings. In short, we went to the Combes, Brussels, the double left, blanchimont and chicane. Nobody was bad … this bouquet of rose was not worth anything on the photographs. We made hundreds of takes, turned the camera in all directions to try to find a nice framing. We quickly concluded that, making car paintings is great, but making car pictures with the picture of a rose bouquet in the foreground and a car in the background was awful and tasteless .

The photo above is the only drinking photo we could draw from our shooting with the rose bouquet. It is now sold as a limited edition on the Cars and Roses store.

You can find it here:

If you want to take a look at our work and discover all the car pictures, you can visit our shop here:

Today, I’m the only one to manage Cars and Roses, it’s not my full-time job, I take care of the site during my breaks, the night before going to bed. It takes me a lot of time but I love what I do. Ivan left me the reins of the project, he has a lot of work, even more than me. He has a great place in a car group in England. I do not really have the hand to write, but I hope that this first article will make you want to go further on the site and discover our work!

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