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You may well imagine that when you lack creativity and ideas, it is always good to have some sources of inspiration in order to put the machine back on. I have listed below my preferred Instagram accounts, those to which I subscribe, and I will touch you a few words because they each have their style, a very particular style! All these accounts are obviously Instagram’s of photographers of cars.

I’ll start with my favorite, Amy Shore

She is an English photographer from Leiceister. This is for me the best for now because I feel I find myself a little in his photographs. As she says very well in her biography, she does not make “formal” photography, by which I mean “simply” photographing a car in front of a garage door, perfectly aligned, without any defects. It seems cliché but there are photographers who do that. It’s nice for a magazine that will address the technical aspects of a car, but behind the picture, there is nothing …

In short, we return to the style of Amy. She tries to capture the atmosphere of the moment in her photos, in order to make us feel. Whenever I see his posts Instagram, it’s bingo, there is clearly something! It has like me, a preference for classic cars, old cars … His photos are always a little desaturated, sober, to give just that vintage side to the image, I may be wrong but that’s how I see it.

What I like even more is that on each of his photographs, there is something in “more”, a character that has been photogaphied at the right moment, in full action, that gives life to the photo; Either a piece of building, always well chosen obviously, which will make the photographed car return in an idylic frame; A little touch of nature …

Shortly,, I think you have understood what I like in photography, certainly, the car is a magnificent main subject, but the scenery, and above all, the detail of the scenery that we will look for associated with the photographed car will make this Photo “scandalously beautiful”

Classic Driver

I knew the instagram of Amy thanks to that of Classic Driver. C.D. is a kind of international market but also a magazine, devoted to the automobile and all the “lifestyle” aspect that revolves around cars. Their online marketplace offers sellers to put on sale their car, motorcycle, boat, watch and even exceptional real estate.

Classic Driver attracts a lot of world through its magazine.

Their account Instagram is quite attractive because they publish regularly enough photos taken by their photographers appointed, including Amy, and these are always superb quality and style different according to photographers.

Alex Penfold

He was one of the first guys I started to follow when I started the Cars and Roses account. His photographs quickly charmed me because Alex is English, he lives in London, and I love London! If you have read what I have written above compared to the cliché of car taken properly, framed perfectly in front of a wall or a garage door some, you might wonder why I love Alex? Because his photos are well-framed holds, usually in front of beautiful English buildings. We stop there, “the beautiful English buildings”. That’s why I love London, the buildings are magnificent, architectures old, renovated and clean.

Here is one of the photographs I made when I went to London last year. I photographed this McLaren parked in front of this beautiful beige stone building. It really gives a nice atmosphere to the photo and in this case, I see a clean building, square, with bricks aligned perfectly, beautiful flowers on the windowsills, … It is therefore mandatory for me to fit This photo at best possible so that the car is aligned perfectly.

Photo Car Print McLaren

Here is a photograph of Cars and Roses that we took in London. You may configure this one here:

Jamey Price

He is an American photographer, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. This guy has talent. Most of his Instagram posts are photos that he takes during the GP F1 and during the GT3 races; He works freelance, mainly for Lamborghini, he photographs the Super Trofeo GT3. He teaches me a lot, every day, to each of his posts.

I started Cars and Roses by the beginning of a passion for car photography, I knew nothing about it at the base, I never took a course, nor did I follow any training related to photography. I just read a lot of article on the internet, I also looked at a lot of video tutorial on youtube in order to learn some configurations and settings of my device.

The good thing about Jamey is that on each of his posts Instagram, he indicates the settings he used to make the photo he posted; The aperture, the iso and the shutter speed, and that really helps. This allows me to put myself in a context and to say to me “hey, it is greyish, there is a little fog, or, it is night, then I have to adjust my device like that, like that or like that. ..” you see ?

And do not forget cnr_maxime, the official instagram account of Cars and Roses. Find us here


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